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The QManagement System is an implementation of the Manchester Coloring System, designed to improve the management of hospitals, clinics, and family practices. The Triage System allows attendants, nurses and doctors to manage the flow of patients, by queuing them intro proper wait lines.

Doctors can also manage their patient's history, within the Doctor's Panel, inserting the patient's details for anamnesis, medications, exams, prescriptions, etc.
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With the advent of the Affordable Care Act also came the problem of complying with the paperless requirements [see related article here], which many agree still poses a hard obstacle to transpose.

..It is a mandate that requires physicians to transition to computerized versions of patients' paper charts by 2015, according to healthit.gov and is another unfortunate arm of the Affordable Care Act. While some applaud this Electronic Health Records implementation process as proof healthcare is moving into the 21st century, many doctors are wary of having to rely solely on computers to access their patients’ records. I’ve outlined just a few of their concerns.
Paperless Problems: Doctors Hurting From Obamacare’s Digital Record Mandate by Cortney O'Brien


To help overcome the financial issues of this radical change, the Obama Administration started issuing federal incentives for healthcare professionals that comply with this new requirement.

The government gives them incentive money and our services free of charge. This is an once-in-a-lifetime deal for doctors.
Jack Hueter, Southern New Jersey regional director for NJ-HITEC [article]

It is with this adventurous spirit that we have created the Manchester Triage System. A modular solution for patient queuing, part of a larger EMR project, focused on delivering a full-fledged solution for ALL digital medical records.

To read more about the Affordable Care Act, visit https://www.healthcare.gov/




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